How to Activate Page-level ads in Google Adsense

This tutorial details on How to Activate Page-level ads in Google Adsense. This can be done only if your account is eligible and have page-level ads option.

How to know whether your account is eligible?

Once your account is eligible and you have the feature active google adsense dashboard will have an active notification on top just like all other alerts on google adsense asking you to try the feature out. Once you click the same it will guide you to the detail tutorial on what it is and how you can activate the feature. I will describe the method just below this.


How to activate page-level ads?

Click on the notification to try the feature out.

How to Activate Page-level ads in Google Adsense

How to Activate Page-level ads in Google Adsense

You will see the above pop up browse through the next button on each slide google will show you what really the page level ads mean to be. Also it will show how it works on your page along with a help on how to use the google’s preview tool to actually preview the same on your website.

For more information on Page-Level Ads in Google adsense have a look on the article i have written earlier to this

Once you have traversed through all the slides you can actually try out the preview on your website. Lets say your website address is then you must try to see it in real action on your web page. There will be options to select which ad formats you want to preview.

Now lets see how to activate ads and present it to your visitors.

Goto the My ads section Screen Shot 2015-09-03 at 11.19.37 pm

Click on Page-level ads on left sub menu

Screen Shot 2015-09-03 at 11.19.41 pm


Then select the status to on ( blue color ) for the ad formats you would like to use from page-level ad formats supported by google adsense. Then click get code to get the universal code for the implementation on your website. You can put the script in header part of the website. the script is an asynchronous javascript code so it doesn’t create any problems for loading of your website. If you don’t have technical knowledge of putting the script you can ask for help from a web developer. If you are using wordpress you can try the header/footer plugin available on the plugin store.

I started getting some impressions on the overlay ad in last 5 minutes 🙂
attaching the report for a preview for you guys

Screen Shot 2015-09-03 at 11.27.58 pm

Cheers Hope you guys have a good time with the all new page level ads from google adsense.