A lightweight PHP/Mysql ActiveRecord for beginners and light weight applications and cms websites.

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Creating Models

  • All models should extend BingoSql Class
    class User_details extends BingoSqlModel  {              }  
  • Default primary key will be chosen as ‘id’ otherwise you should specify the primary key field
    class User_details extends BingoSqlModel  {           protected $key='Id';           }  
  • Model name should be same as the table name otherwise you should add protected $table=”tablename” to the class
    class User extends BingoSqlModel  {      protected $table='user_details';      protected $key='Id';  }  
  • Defining relations – As of now BingoSql support two kind of relations, belongs_to and has_many

    While defining the relation your should represent the foreign filed and native primary key field.
    Here in the example a user->belongs_to->groups and a groups->has_many->users

    class User extends BingoSqlModel  {      protected $table='user_details';      protected $key='Id';      protected $belongs_to = array('groups'=>'group_id|Id');         }  // protected $belongs_to =array('table_name'=>'foreign_field_name|native_primary_key_for_table_which_it_belong_to');   class Groups extends BingoSqlModel  {      protected $table='groups';      protected $key='Id';      protected $has_many = array('user_details'=>'Id|group_id');         }  // protected $has_many =array('table_name'=>'native_primary_key|foreign_key_field_at_related_table');   
  • Models can be in separate php class files in the models directory or any other single directory.

Code Samples

  include('../bootstrap.php');    // Creating a new row in a table  $newuser = new User();  $newuser->email = '';  $newuser->password = md5('password');  $newuser->fullname = 'My Fullname';  $newuser->groups = 1;  $newuser->save();    //Finding a user by id  $existinguser = new User();  $existinguser->find(204);  //accessing fields of that specific user  echo "Fullname: " . $existinguser->fullname . '  ';  echo "Email: " . $existinguser->email . '  ';      //Updating the found and existing record  $existinguser->email="";  $existinguser->save();      //Accessing a relation to groups table assuming groups table have a field group_name  echo "User belongs to Group: " . $existinguser->groups->group_name;    //To find all relations to the group  $grp = new Groups();  $grp->find(1);  echo "There are " . count($grp->user_details) . " users in this group  ";    foreach ($grp->user_details as $user) {      echo "Fullname: " . $existinguser->fullname . '  ';      echo "Email: " . $existinguser->email . '  ';      echo '

‘; }