Google introduces Page-level ads in Adsense

Google today introduced Page-level ads in Adsense ( Currently active only for premium publishers and selective accounts ). This segment comes with two ad formats for mobile responsive websites. Once your accounts gets active for page-level ads you will get a notification on your google adsense dashboard. See how to activate tutorial if you got the notification already

Anchor/Overlay Ads in google Adsense

This type of ads will stick to the edge of the web page and can be dismissed very easily. As of now on test runs i have seen that only on bottom side of the pages.

page-level ads in google adsense

Anchor/Overlay page-level ads in google adsense

Vignette Ads

These type of ads appear in between page transitions. These type of ads are also only for mobile responsive websites and found to appear only on usage on a mobile browser.

Vignette page-level ads in google adsense

Vignette page-level ads in google adsense

Both of the new adformats doesn’t count towards the 3 ads per page limit applicable to your account. Currently both of these ad formats will serve only for mobile optimised website and is injected on to your page via an asynchronous javascript code. So it will not affect your sites loading in any manner. The code is generic and you can use the same code across all the pages. So simply a script on the head section will do the job. Also on the google adsense dashboard you can switch on and off these ad formats easily with just a click.

Pagelevel ads activation in google adsense


Before implementing google has given a comfort of previewing the actual working of both the ad-formats on your website with the help of preview tool. Once the page-level ads is active on your account visit your website url along with #googleads to see the preview for eg: if your webpage is you can preview the page level ads by hitting on your mobile browser ( provided you have a responsive website ).

Note: Currently this feature is available / introduced only for Premium Publishers / Selective Publishers, hope that will be available through out all google adsense accounts soon.

See Tutorial on how to activate pagelevel ads on google adsense