COVID | Changing the way children study – Is e-learning impacting health of your kids?

We all might have heard Sitting is the new smoking!

From the numbers of Byju’s and seeing an increasing trend towards teaching kids coding at an early ages. All these products(Byjus, Vedantu, Easymarks) are trading the insecurity of parents and banking the health of the upcoming generation. We all know after getting into the ‘Sitting’ world and the ‘Smartphone’ world how all of our health have changed. Remember we all did it after 25 yrs of age, till then we were healthy. Think twice – should we push our kids to the same from age 10??

Average Sitting time of a 5th Std student.
Elearning from school – 6 hours
Byjus/Online Tutoring App – 1 hour
WhitehatJr – 1 hour
Youtube 1-2 hour
TV – 1 hour

11 Hours Sitting and Screen time starting before teenage, Its not that great!

Studies prove that sitting for a long time can cause Cardio diseases to Diabetes to weaker bone strength, stress, and anxiety . Our younger generation would be suffering

Have you thought about this??
Do you have a standing desk for your kid?
Do you make them do stretch exercises in between online classes?

Time to think! Comments from Parents highly appreciated!

A question to e-learning founders and product managers – why don’t you have some guided stretch exercises in between sessions?

A recommendation to teachers: Have seen only a few teachers taking online classes asking students to stand up or do some joined activity. Is that something good to follow?

xcrun: error: invalid active developer path (/Library/Developer/CommandLineTools), missing xcrun

xcrun: error: invalid active developer path (/Library/Developer/CommandLineTools), missing xcrun at: /Library/Developer/CommandLineTools/usr/bin/xcrun.

Most developers is experiencing the error after upgrading to Mac Os Sierra.
It affects all the command line developer tools including the git commands (git init, git push, git fetch ). Core reason for the same is when you update your Mac Os your commandline developer tools wont get automatically updated. It will be still in the old version which may not have support with other shipped tools with the new MacOsx version.

Simply . update your xcode command line tools

Open Terminal, and run the following:

xcode-select –install

Hope this helps. Happy Coding!!!



To be worried or not, when senior people leaving your company?

Senior people leaving the company is one of the biggest thing that affect the low and mid line of employees in a company. From that point a lot of question arises in them asking

  • Is the company doing good? or even some ask is it collapsing?
  • Why Senior people left?
  • Is that an Risk or an Opportunity?

I have come across this situation in a couple of circumstances in my career life. 1st time when my senior left the company after few months of my joining, Initially i felt like being at point blank don’t know how to architect a product and maintain it, as it was my first experience in a product company. Till then i was building non maintainable apps in service business. Another question i had in mind was whether the company is doing good, am i taking a risk etc.

At the end after around six months i was in a stage where i could manage the whole thing of course with the support of the junior team and the motivation from the director. We built the platform from scratch with maintainable and scalable architecture. With a lot of automations which saved manual human efforts as well. User base grown several times, at the time i left the company more than the salary or the position, what all i have learned was the most valuable for me. It took me to a next level, without those efforts it would have taken another 3 years for a professional to reach that position.
Let me explain how i overcome those in generic so that it would be helpful for you guys as well.

  1. Whether it be a senior person or a junior person, decision of leaving a company is his choice and that may be because of many reasons. It can be a personal issue, It may be change in his career focus on a long term. Final fact is that you don’t have to worry about that.
  2. Next is the thought on how the company is doing? As long as you receive your salary on date, don’t worry about this,  if you think like that you are doing bad to your company. You will have this in the chai and lunch conversations, obviously spreading the negative energy to others. This can bring a company down even if it wouldn’t have been. Put in your efforts as usual or even more (i will say why more in next section).
  3. Finally is that an Opportunity or a Risk!. This answer is the key for the biggest change in your career and life. For me at the stage discussed, it was like some Risk and Opportunity as well as i had that eager to do architectures and implement the same. Once i started moving, when the things was working the question i had then was what’s next and down the span of one year, have achieved a lot and skillset in my career profile doubled. Think in that line if you see that as an opportunity and put in additional efforts,  its great for you too not just for the company.

“When you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.” ― Paulo Coelho

After this for almost 2 years i was doing architecture level consultaions for multiple startups. 4 out of 5 is well running now on the same base platform i have architected. 1 unfortunately didnt take of due to multiple reasons. 1 in content segment went the organic path and the other 3 going well in seed fund , series A stage. If i didnt take up the oppurtunity i got then i would have never been able to do all these., still i would be just another web developer.

Remember “If you are willing to do more than you are paid to do, eventually you will be paid to do more than you do.”. When you starts to do more dont think about the remuneration at that point of time, pay comes after hard work. It will take another few months for you to prove yourself. And the lucky part for you is how much ever senior the person is, that much time consuming is for another person to join, whether its difficulty in recruiting or notice period. So you have enough time to prove yourself, just take over and do that. Look in the mirror Say “GoodLuck” to yourself and move on!.

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Have you felt that your performance review didn’t go well this time? Then you should definitely read this.

After the performance reviews, most of the professionals have this feeling of “didn’t get as expected” unless they are in the top rating bracket in their company. Down the years it’s not surprising for me, as it’s not the person but his inner mind forces him to think so.

Let me start with a story, infact a real incident. In the year 1992 researchers from Cornell University studied facial expressions and emotions of athletes who won. While analasing the prize distribution ceremony, the interviews they have given after that the Gold Medalist was the happiest one. That’s not a surprise but the shock was bronze medalists seemed so happier than the silver medalists.

Interesting right, how a guy who positioned third can be happier than the one who got the second place. It’s our crooked mind playing behind this, the third one was so happy because he know for the fact that if he was not placed there he wouldn’t have been on the podium at all, but the one who won silver thinks only of the lost gold.

When you start comparing yourself with others you start forgetting about what you have earned. Counterfactual thinking sometimes makes us feel good about comparisons and if you are thinking positively then drive you to achieve more. And on the other hand it makes us feel worse, starts the frustration and you will soon end up stop loving your company / job.

How we can avoid this?

Once we start doing the comparison with others, we will stop evaluating ourselves, where the real Failure starts. When we stop self assessment, our career is pretty much done there. For growing ourselves we need to know what we learned, how are we getting updated day to day growing ourself.

  • Think of past six months what you were been and what you are now.
  • What was your technical ability in your profession, what all you acquired new.
  • Compare your self review with whatever performance review you got from your manager, speak to him and understand where you lack, set the goal for next six months and move on.

If you do the above, On your next self assessment you will definitely feel what your performance review is going to be.

Always do the self assessment in all factors, on a career level, on your technical abilities, on your financial wellness, what you learned, what all things you bought in last six months, how much savings you made, acknowledge it be grateful to yourself, your friends, your company, your manager and the whole surroundings which made you so.

#Gratitude #GoodLuck

Shyam Achuthan

Laravel Migration Rollback fails

Most of the laravel beginners face issues with migration, mostly the migration works but the rollback fails.
Here are a curated list of possibilities and work arounds for the same.

  1. You have changed table structure manually after migration – You are never expected to do this – All changes to the db structure be only through migrations.
  2. You have changed the migration filename or classname after migration
  3. Autoload failure [Class Not found ]. Normally after creating a migration the migrate works but on rollback it will be depending on the composer autoloader which fails to load the class, so just by refreshing the autoload file you will be able to get hold of the stuff. just go to the root folder and run “composer dumpautoload” you’re good to go then!

If you have any problem with migrations feel free to ask in the below comment section.

How to Activate Page-level ads in Google Adsense

This tutorial details on How to Activate Page-level ads in Google Adsense. This can be done only if your account is eligible and have page-level ads option.

How to know whether your account is eligible?

Once your account is eligible and you have the feature active google adsense dashboard will have an active notification on top just like all other alerts on google adsense asking you to try the feature out. Once you click the same it will guide you to the detail tutorial on what it is and how you can activate the feature. I will describe the method just below this.


How to activate page-level ads?

Click on the notification to try the feature out.

How to Activate Page-level ads in Google Adsense

How to Activate Page-level ads in Google Adsense

You will see the above pop up browse through the next button on each slide google will show you what really the page level ads mean to be. Also it will show how it works on your page along with a help on how to use the google’s preview tool to actually preview the same on your website.

For more information on Page-Level Ads in Google adsense have a look on the article i have written earlier to this

Once you have traversed through all the slides you can actually try out the preview on your website. Lets say your website address is then you must try to see it in real action on your web page. There will be options to select which ad formats you want to preview.

Now lets see how to activate ads and present it to your visitors.

Goto the My ads section Screen Shot 2015-09-03 at 11.19.37 pm

Click on Page-level ads on left sub menu

Screen Shot 2015-09-03 at 11.19.41 pm


Then select the status to on ( blue color ) for the ad formats you would like to use from page-level ad formats supported by google adsense. Then click get code to get the universal code for the implementation on your website. You can put the script in header part of the website. the script is an asynchronous javascript code so it doesn’t create any problems for loading of your website. If you don’t have technical knowledge of putting the script you can ask for help from a web developer. If you are using wordpress you can try the header/footer plugin available on the plugin store.

I started getting some impressions on the overlay ad in last 5 minutes 🙂
attaching the report for a preview for you guys

Screen Shot 2015-09-03 at 11.27.58 pm

Cheers Hope you guys have a good time with the all new page level ads from google adsense.

Google introduces Page-level ads in Adsense

Google today introduced Page-level ads in Adsense ( Currently active only for premium publishers and selective accounts ). This segment comes with two ad formats for mobile responsive websites. Once your accounts gets active for page-level ads you will get a notification on your google adsense dashboard. See how to activate tutorial if you got the notification already

Anchor/Overlay Ads in google Adsense

This type of ads will stick to the edge of the web page and can be dismissed very easily. As of now on test runs i have seen that only on bottom side of the pages.

page-level ads in google adsense

Anchor/Overlay page-level ads in google adsense

Vignette Ads

These type of ads appear in between page transitions. These type of ads are also only for mobile responsive websites and found to appear only on usage on a mobile browser.

Vignette page-level ads in google adsense

Vignette page-level ads in google adsense

Both of the new adformats doesn’t count towards the 3 ads per page limit applicable to your account. Currently both of these ad formats will serve only for mobile optimised website and is injected on to your page via an asynchronous javascript code. So it will not affect your sites loading in any manner. The code is generic and you can use the same code across all the pages. So simply a script on the head section will do the job. Also on the google adsense dashboard you can switch on and off these ad formats easily with just a click.

Pagelevel ads activation in google adsense


Before implementing google has given a comfort of previewing the actual working of both the ad-formats on your website with the help of preview tool. Once the page-level ads is active on your account visit your website url along with #googleads to see the preview for eg: if your webpage is you can preview the page level ads by hitting on your mobile browser ( provided you have a responsive website ).

Note: Currently this feature is available / introduced only for Premium Publishers / Selective Publishers, hope that will be available through out all google adsense accounts soon.

See Tutorial on how to activate pagelevel ads on google adsense 

Axis Bank Launched Secure+ Plus Debit Cards

If you have a bunch of credit and debit cards in your wallet? are you worried about their loss? No worries things are gonna hassle free with Axis Bank’s newly launched secure+ debit cards. With this you dont have to call each and every bank debit card you have to block each of them. Just call Axis Bank Secure+ customer care and all your linked cards will be deactivated on the same call. So no fear of misuse of your cards.

Screen Shot 2015-06-26 at 11.21.57 pm Screen Shot 2015-06-26 at 11.21.57 pm

Axis Bank’s secure+ cards are highly secure chip cards. If you loose your wallet along with you flight ticket, axis bank will make arrangements for funds for your hotel stay and flight ticket charges  or any other  immediate expenses 🙂 isnt it awesome?.

Along with Secure plus cards axis bank launched Total Control, a really cool online platform which can even switch off / on your debit cards. A user can control the shopping and withdrawal limits from the Total Control platform itself.

Axis Bank Secure Plus was unveiled to its customers by Bank’s Retail lending and payments section lead Mr. Jayaram Sridharan at an event in Mumbai.