COVID | Changing the way children study – Is e-learning impacting health of your kids?

We all might have heard Sitting is the new smoking!

From the numbers of Byju’s and seeing an increasing trend towards teaching kids coding at an early ages. All these products(Byjus, Vedantu, Easymarks) are trading the insecurity of parents and banking the health of the upcoming generation. We all know after getting into the ‘Sitting’ world and the ‘Smartphone’ world how all of our health have changed. Remember we all did it after 25 yrs of age, till then we were healthy. Think twice – should we push our kids to the same from age 10??

Average Sitting time of a 5th Std student.
Elearning from school – 6 hours
Byjus/Online Tutoring App – 1 hour
WhitehatJr – 1 hour
Youtube 1-2 hour
TV – 1 hour

11 Hours Sitting and Screen time starting before teenage, Its not that great!

Studies prove that sitting for a long time can cause Cardio diseases to Diabetes to weaker bone strength, stress, and anxiety . Our younger generation would be suffering

Have you thought about this??
Do you have a standing desk for your kid?
Do you make them do stretch exercises in between online classes?

Time to think! Comments from Parents highly appreciated!

A question to e-learning founders and product managers – why don’t you have some guided stretch exercises in between sessions?

A recommendation to teachers: Have seen only a few teachers taking online classes asking students to stand up or do some joined activity. Is that something good to follow?