Completed a great year in my career

Today i have completed a great year in my career. After college my career path didn’t had much great or point-able milestones it simply went off for the next three years, but have learned a lot of things through the years being in the startup world.  Thanking all the Team Mates of TunerLabs for the first 3.5 Years of shaping my career and especially for those who gave me tasks on some programming languages i didn’t even heard about that time. Its you only made me take up the challenge and now i could proudly commit am fit in all those.


Last year when we have decided to shutdown operations of TunerLabs, it was so hurting for me being a founder member and doing the shut down activities. I have really thought of taking it up and run for another one more year because of the confidence services/tasks i have delivered for the clients. But am not a business man and i cant be. I love tech and wanna explore that. Dont know whether you believe i have written my professional resume for first time after 3.5 years from college and having 3.5 yr exp, created linked in profile, read a lot on job application, interviews etc :-P.

Started applying to companies in Cochin, Trivandrum and Bangalore. Scared to take phone calls even coz i felt my 3.5 exp in a very small start up which is about to shut down and no body knows about the company as it had clients fro other geographies. Felt like i wasted my career start being with a budding start up for 3 years. But there lies the secret and my word to all the guys who are working or looking for a job in start up world. I got around 20 calls and about 10 telephonic interviews scheduled in 24 hours. That was so surprising!. For each call i felt special when questions was asking about the technology i have covered, my skill sets etc.

From each response i understood that Am Kind of a Big Deal!. This is what a start up company gave me, no its what a start up give to all its dependents, it will shape your career n skills and only sad part is you will be the only one who never knows it!


After 2 days i got here in Bangalore for a couple of direct interviews and got offers from a couple of companies. Now again another puzzle have 2 good offers , which one to select from

1) A well known company in mobile apps giving almost a lakh plus in additional comparing the 2nd one. A 100 people team.

2) A budding Company. But have met some great people out there during the interviews


Everyone including my wife and parents forced me to go with the first one being a great company and better salary. But i couldn’t make up my mind for that. Coz at that point i didn’t care about how big the company is!, i knew that if i can do a better thing for a small company then definitely i will be the only one beneficial. Money will go away but your knowledge and experience will never!.

Some how i convinced them all and Joined the Second company! – Srijan Capital and started working for its incubation CouponRani with a set of great people. I got a great Tea m there @Vivekgarg – A perfect Brain for a coder with kind mind set for a startup! . Lead by a great Angel Investor and Hands On Digital Marketer, Ravi Trivedi i was enjoying each days of work with learning a lot of new things.

Thanks a lot for the whole CouponRani Team for a wonderful Year here!.

After an Year @Srijan i am so happy settled here in bangalore, only difficulty i have faced in bangalore is climate, its been an year and i haven’t still got adjusted to it, and the Cops! starring at the KL registered cars n bikes!

Now who ever opposed me for my decision to continue with a start up itself admits that am now in better turn than some of the family and friends they were referring to in terms of career and financials!






  1. Yup man. Startup is THE place to be.
    You are a very good human being as well as a great programmer.
    All the best for future.



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